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Do you have a question about God or for God that you would like to see answered?  Post them here.  There is no doubt that we can’t answer all of them, but perhaps by talking about them we can shed some light.

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  1. Misty

    Is it ok with God to remarry an ex husband?

  2. Juan R. Ortiz

    I though I was a Christian and God would protect me and my family. But I was wrong and I would like God to tell me why.
    All I want is , help with my son that drinks to much, and my other son and his wife that are on drugs.
    God if you are realy listening to me and you want to make me rich, this is the way to do it and not with money.
    Sure I would like to have financial freedom, but I really want spiritual freedom.
    So could you help me or not?

  3. admin

    Juan – Thank you so much for sharing with me your situation. I would love to help you and more importantly I would love to pray for you. I know that we were taught that God loves us and will protect us. But God is also a moral God. He tells us we have a free choice to make decisions in our lives. When we choose do drink too much or be on drugs, we will reap what we sow. God never promised he would take away the consequences of making bad choices.

    What he does promise Juan is that if we commit to seek him – REALLY seek him – He will understand our circumstances, and he will guide us through them and get us on the right track. That is called Grace and Mercy. Its a humbling thing to seek God. Its not about us and our finances and our richness while we live here on earth. It becomes about what our purpose is for being here, what He called us to do to serve Him and about getting on that path.

    So my first suggestion is for you to put your disappointment in God aside and talk to God about what YOU can do for Him instead of what He should do for you. I can help you with that humble conversation if you would like!

    Secondly we can talk about your kids and the issues they are having, and what part you should play in helping them to get well.

    Thirdly we can talk about the richness you would like and how to receive the “rich” blessings God wants to give you.

    Remember Juan, that God does love you. He loves your children too. He created you for a purpose and He is faithful on his promises. You need to find out what those promises are!

    Until Next Time ,

  4. admin

    Oh YES Misty is it OK to remarry your ex-husband! The covenant you made with him was never meant to be broken. God is thrilled when you recommit yourselves to each other.

    I would encourage you if you havent already to go to counseling or together reevaluate what the problems were in the first round and work on them diligently. Remember that attempting to do the same thing and get different results most often doesnt work.

    Was there a change of heart or just a rekindling of your love that set this in motion? Tell me more!

    Until Next Time.

  5. Marcella

    Why does God give things, only to have them taken away? And why is He never there when I need Him? Im angry with God right now, and I dont feel as though Hes ever listening. All of my conversations feel one sided and im beginning to question His existence in my life.

  6. admin

    Its OK to be angry with God…. He can handle it. He already knows you are frustrated and he is not happy you are going through what you are going through in your life. Without really knowing what God has given to you and then taken away, its hard for me to answer your question. You are welcome to tell me more, but understand that when God made us he gave us free choice. He did so because he wanted us to Choose to love him, choose to trust him, and choose to please him. Unfortunately because of sin, our hearts sometimes turn the other way and we choose not to love him and not to do the right thing. Perhaps the thing that was given and then taken away was not in God’s control?

    Does he allow bad things to happen to good people? yes, for reasons we may never understand… but he does not cause the bad to happen. All good things come from Him. Does he sometimes not seem to be listening because you are getting a WAIT instead of a Yes or No? Yes too. Sometimes God speaks to us by not speaking at all. He tells us to Be Still and Know. That is not easy and takes persistence and patience. Sometimes God is teaching you something through those barren times in the desert.

    I have been through what you are going through. The step I took lead me out of the desert. I started to read the bible. I started in the book of James, which says that we are to consider it joy when we face trials of all kinds, for the testing of our faith will develop perseverence, and perseverence must finish its work to make us mature and complete. It all started to make sense. I could choose to go through this trial angry and frustrated, or I could choose to go through it trying to see what God is teaching me and what “work” is being finished in me that will help me to grow stronger and more confident in my faith.

    So again God has given you a choice. You can choose to focus on the problems or you could choose to focus on God’s word. Two things he promises. One, He will never leave you and two, He will work all things for good.

    I’ll be praying you hear His whisper. I believe he wants you to be still and Know that He is God. He has your best interest in mind and He loves you and is walking through this trial with you.

    Until Next TIme, God Bless You today!

  7. vanessa valencia

    This Friday I’m going to the city of hope hospital and there are alot of cancer patients at this specific hospital. The thing is I’m not prepared to be asked questions from them that I’m not going to be ready to answer. I’m religious and I do believe that our God is cable of anything, but I haven’t really got a good answer when the patients ask me ” why should I believe in a God? Why would he do this to me? There’s no point to pray if I’m going to die soon? I just want to be prepared for these questions.

  8. admin


    What a divine appointment to be used by God. You need not put pressure on yourself. You don’t need to carry the responsibility of counseling them or answering tough questions that only God can answer. You just need to love them.

    Ask them about their cancer – many will want to tell you their stories. Ask them about their families and about the kind of care they are getting. See if they need anything like blankets or books or music. (ask them what kind of music they like too!)

    If after you have learned more about them God nudges you, ask if they would like you to pray with them. If they say yes, ask them about their faith. You will be better able to know how to pray for them at that point.

    There is an old saying that says “Preach the Gospel often, and sometimes use words.”

    Love them as Jesus would Vanessa and let God do the rest.

    I’d love to hear how it goes and will be praying for you and all those you will be loving on tomorrow.

    God bless you.

  9. admin

    Hey Marcella – are you still angry with God?

  10. Kendra

    I have a question.

    I have been in a dating relationship for almost a year, the purpose of this relationship is marriage. Lately I have been bombarded with fear and worry over this decision. Even though we are not about to get married anytime soon. I just have so much fear and “what if” questions. I realize marriage is serious and I want to make the right decision. I love this guy and he is a good guy. It’s just lately all this fear and worry has been hard. I am wondering if maybe God is trying to tell me something or if this is just not the guy for me…

  11. Stacy

    Why does God let children die?
    An innocent 2 year old died. it was a freak accident. Why did God let it happen? Why didn’t God let her pull through?

  12. admin

    I am so sorry for your loss Stacy and will keep you and the precious family that is devastated in my prayers.

    God is good. We must begin there. Though we dont understand his actions, we can trust his heart.

    God only does what is good. When the quantity of years has outstripped the quality of years, we cant possibly accept that death can be good. And that is because we are still here left behind. On this side of the grave, death is so final and so difficult.

    So while you grieve, and it is right and needed to do so, I have a few things to help you see things from the other side of the grave. “Fix our eyes on not what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” 2 Corinthians 4:18

    Our loved ones who have moved on to heaven are now in a place where they were destined to be from the moment they were created. They are safely in the presence of God. While we are mourning, they are marveling at heaven. This little one now is sitting on the lap of Jesus. Although you and I may wish a longer life for that dear little one, he or she doesnt.

    My dad passed away last April and my neice, his oldest grandaughter was very close to him. A few weeks after he died she had a dream and Id like to share it with you. She saw him in heaven sitting down with a beautiful little baby girl on his lap. He was bouncing her and singing the songs he sang to all of the grands and great grands that have had the opportunity to sit there. She asked him, Grampa, who is that little baby on your lap? He told her, Kelly, she is your baby! See, Kelly had a miscarriage 3 years ago and it was a baby girl.

    We feel 2 years, or pre-birth is a short life, but compared to eternity who has a long one? In God’s plan, every life is long and every death is timely. Psalm 139:16 says All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old.”

    Just like Jesus did here on earth, we have a start date and an end date. Life and death here on earth are not for us to determine. We cannot see what would happen if we lived a day longer or a day shorter. God can. He determines the best time for our funeral. Death does not shorten our lives, it transports us to the next.

    For you Stacy and for your friends and loved ones who are in shock, angry, and confused – you have every right to as WHY? Grief is a process and it is just beginning. Keep giving yourself time. Grieve at your own pace and dont hurry your hurt. God can take it. He understands hurt – he lost his son too.

    I will keep you all in prayer and hope you stay in touch.

    God Bless,

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